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A digital ecosystem of integrated solutions

Businesses need solutions for entering digital economy, as more products and services are offered through digital sales channels.

What features you will get with Crecero

Powerful business software solutions to provide bill payment, prepaid products and other advanced solutions that connect with customers, streamline operations, and grow revenue.

We provide services to a wide variety of customers: banks, financial institutions, municipalities, payment processors, retailers, businesses, and to everyone who wants to make payments in an easy and efficient way.

Fully Integrated

Proprietary platform

Secure and compliant

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B2B SaaS Platform

An advanced B2B, B2C Payment service platform for merchant aggregation and processing platform that connects our comprehensive local bill payment, prepaid products with business service offering to their customers.

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Digital Wallet

Crecero’s Platform can perform digital wallet-to-wallet transfers and helps you maintain accurate records, accept cashless payments, and make B2B transactions with ease through online management tools and valuable data analytics.

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B2B2C Bill Payment

Seamless wallet-free payment solutions including partnered cryptocurrency accounts and prepaid debit services, fully encrypted and secure for data protection. Crecero has established more than 160,000 locations for cash in & out and bill payments.

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Self Service Kiosks

Physical banking is a thing of the past. Even if you need to go to a branch, you will most likely interact with a self-service kiosk, therefore eliminating personal contact and addressing current issues, such as hygiene and social distancing.

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Prepaid Products

Crecero’s Blackhawk Catalogue provides digital prepaid products on Crecero’s Platform, which aims to become a “Global Prepaid Exchange”.

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Crecero is planning to offer Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) soon. It provides ‘technology’, instead of ‘funds’ directly to businesses and clients. LaaS business model prescribes selling platforms to work with banks and capital funds, diversifying lending risks, instead of lending by themselves.

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